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What is crowd 1?

Founded in January 2019, the company Crowd1, also known as "Crowd One", was founded as "innovative Business Network". The name Crowd is derived from the English and stands for a large number, i.e. quantity or mass, in the network. The number 1 implies that it should become the Network No.1. The Marketing Network is currently one of the strongest growing startups in this field. We report on this website about our experiences in Germany with the popular trend.

Thousands of members from more than 50 countries have already registered. Currently, there are said to be more than 2 million members already - strongly growing. Partners of Crowd1 have the possibility to invest in the company and to integrate new members in their own streamline/downline into their own structure, to build a team with Crowd1.

The founder and CEO is no stranger: Lars Johan Magnus Staël von Holstein is a successful entrepreneur and venture capitalist, i.e. an investor in new media. Among other things, the Swedish entrepreneur became known by founding the price comparison site Crowd 1 operates in the area of affiliate marketing, mobile gaming, social gaming and also in the strongly growing segment of e-sports. The business model combines the exciting growth markets in the digital environment with strong recommendation marketing, as well as business plan. Sales partners of Crowd1 have the opportunity to participate in the companies and business models, as well as to participate in the marketing plan. The growth figures of the targeted digital business models in the gaming sector are promising and show strong positive growth figures throughout the industry. The concept is relatively new, very well thought out and bundles the power of the network with highly demanded online products that can be used via the Internet. Marketers have the opportunity to earn money online via the mobile Power App, which is available for download in the Google Play Store and in the Apple Store.

Roadmap & History of Crowd1

of the idea

The Crowd1 founders work on their idea, let the apps develop and plan the fast growth for the achievement of goals with the online network. The focus was especially on a well thought-out concept.

website and apps are online

Here we go: the website is online, the first members are registered. Finally Crowd 1 starts - in the first days the members grow rapidly. Many interested people had already waited for the start.

growth phase
and development

Now it is time to grow, grow, grow. The goal is clear: at least 10 million members should support the network. Internationally, the number of registered members is increasing dramatically every month.

The flexible

The project is picking up speed, developing rapidly and exceeding all expectations. Members from more than 50 countries are already involved. Many want to jump on the train before it is too late.


"At first I was suspicious: Not another business like that. The design of the website and apps, the system and the background of the company founders convinced me. The chosen industry in the field of e-sports, mobile gaming and affiliates, are ideally suited to achieve long-term growth even in times of corona and co and to profit from the growth market as an individual."
Enzokuhle Dlamini, Crowd1 Partner - South Africa


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This is how it works: Crowd1 Video

How does the network work, what do you get shares in? Not so easy to understand. The video shows the possibilities and participations in online casinos with the projects Affilgo and Miggster.

We are happy to offer a quick start to partners who have a great deal of interest and expertise in this area!

Benefits for members:
  • Participation in modern, rapidly growing digital companies
  • Regular distribution to bonuses & investments
  • possibility of building a team within the network
  • Participation in one of the most innovative business models in 2020

I need support and want to know more!

You are interested in joining Crowd1, but need support in answering open questions ?

No problem to become a partner at Crowd1 is very easy. You are welcome to contact us directly. We are a young team of online experts with more than 10 years of market experience and can help you in a targeted manner.

In international companies it is often a fact that a lot of documents and information are initially only provided in English. We are happy to help you take the right steps here.

We will gladly send you the marketing plan or send the right video explanations or further information. So if someone should have any support with registration or login to Crowd1 - please contact us!

further questions? NOW contact with experts from take contact!

Crowd1 Businessplan

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tips for your business with Crowd 1

"Thank you very much first of all for your interest in Crowd1: Today I will help you to start your business very easily"

Who is actually writing here? Let me introduce myself: My name is Enzokuhle, I'm an expert in online marketing. For more than 10 years I have been working on online projects and digital business models.
Especially in the Network Marketing area you can find many companies that are not serious or with whom you have only bad experiences.
The website and technology is an important indication When I was made aware of Crowd1, I first thought: please don't create another business model that has no substance and no future. I was convinced by the professional appearance of the website and apps of Crowd1. Furthermore the chosen branch in the area of e-sports, mobile gaming, etc. is exactly right.

It is important to know: we are still at the very beginning. The ambitious goal of recruiting at least 10 million members will be easily achieved. The overall development of the industry is always positive in times of corona virus and co in 2020. The growth will continue to be strong in the coming months, with more members, more investment and new projects and companies.

In my opinion the most important thing for the start of Crowd1 is to have partners who work focused and have a good overview of innovations and important steps in the network.
Fast information channels, good preparation of content, sales support and fast assistance are decisive factors in successful setup.

Good tip for the start:

If you want to get started with Crowd1, contact us as soon as possible. Every day hundreds of new members register, they could all join your team or? Do you know enthusiastic colleagues and friends, for whom the business is interesting could be? What are you waiting for: tell them what you're up to! We would be happy to support you with the activation of your account.

I want to register, what do I have to do?
Just click on this link to register directly with Crowd1: register with Crowd1 now!

frequently asked questions

  1. What is Crowd1?
  2. Crowd1 is a business network of the entrepreneur Johan Stael von Holstein, who among other things became known as the founder of The marketing network is active in the field of mobile gaming, e-sports and affiliate marketing and allows members of its own network to share in the company profits. Current projects include Affilgo and Miggster. Anyone can buy shares and become a partner & build a team.
  3. Experience with Crowd 1: Is this network serious?
  4. The CEO and founder of Crowd 1 is no stranger. The investor and entrepreneur Johan Stael von Holstein seems serious, just like the design of the website and also the apps in the Google Play Store or the Apple Store seem to have been developed with high quality. The demand as well as the number of members is growing strongly internationally. So more than 2 million people in over 45 countries are supposed to have joined the network in a very short time.
  5. How does Crowd1 work?
  6. Even in South Africa you can already participate in the success of Crowd1 very easily. The registration is easy. You only need one partner link and can buy shares in different packages and levels. After that you will get your bonus and a profit sharing in your account regularly.



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